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Daytour with Extra Divers Oman at Jebel Sifah

Very early in the morning we have to be in the diving center to get ready for the Daytour. We even have had hardly time to eat our delicious breakfast. However we are now here and ready for our adventure tour.

After we have had prepared our equipment we drive with the speed boat which have 2 Engines with each 250 Horsepower to head our diving spot.

With nearly 35mph we are dring along the shoreline from the Gulf of Oman ......

Along the rugged shoreline we are heading to the famous wreck Al Munassir. As soon as we have jumped in we were surounded with thousends of fish a feeling like jumping in a fish soup. We are decending further to 10 to 15m as we reached the mystic boat which is covered with corals and home of a huge variety of marine life.

Feeling like a treasure hunter discovering after a long exploring tour finally the sunken boat. Starting dreaming from all the gold and jewelry which may lay still undiscovered somewhere in the ocean.

We are decending further down to the bottom of the ocean at about 30m we neither found gold nor jewelry but the beauty of Omans Marine life....

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