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How to make rolls and plaited loaf

“Baking man is baking bread“ today we show you how you make rolls and plaited loaf.

We choose as dough a simple but delicious white bread dough made of wheat flour. Of course you can simply add 50-100 gram spelt flour, the taste will be than more intensive.

Best you try it out until it fits for you. Just take care that you not add too much water or milk otherwise the dough will be too sticky.


1000g wheat flour

350 ml water

260 ml milk

20g salt

20g sugar

20g butter

3g fresh yeast

To bring a little bit variety on the breakfast table you can change the forms and/or add some poppy seed or as mentioned before add some spelt flour. I personally turn the plaited loaf in poppy seed and in addition in coarse salt.

Just be creative and find you own mixtur.

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