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Oman food and culture

Omani cuisine reflects rich ethnic and tribal mix. Arabian and Indian subcontinents in dishes such a grilled mishkak kebabs, shuwwa and harees.

Traditionally, Omani families entertain at home rather than in restaurants, but hotel scene is expanding, and there it is to experience. Many hotels serve international cuisine but if you would like to try something more authentically Omani, you’ll find it aswell. Just look out for qabooli, (a hearty dish of rice, nuts, raisins and mutton or beef) the classic sweet delicacies are dates and halwa , a soft blend of sugar, semioina , ghee ,saffron , almonds and fragrant of rose water. Both go perfectly with khawa. Omani love tea and aromatic black coffee, flavored with cardamom and poured from a metal teapot into beakers (finjan), as a sign of hospitality. It is always polite to accept and when you have enough or finished just say Bas, Shukran (enough/thank you)

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