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On the way to paradise .... the second stage ... (day 7-11 Part 1)

We flew from Manila to San Jose Mindoro on our way to paradise. We checked in at Ninoy Aquino Airport in Manila and entered the plane to San Jose Mindoro Airport.

After approximately 40 minutes we arrived in San Jose Mindoro Airport a nice little Airport. A Airport where you hardly can get lost. Only 40 Minutes away from Manila and the world is still in order.

There Airport is like in the good old times only one entrance and one exit. With a funny luggage conveyor system.

Now we took the tricycle, the famous typical Filipino way to travel. Easy and straightforward we drove to the ferry terminal where our ferry to the paradise were waiting for us.

On the way to the ferry terminal

At this time we didn't know what kind of ferry we were entering. I just knew that we need 8 hours. I didn't know that 8 hours could be so amazing.

My wife a Filipino manger everything from the tricycle ride to the ferry ticket. I have to say it makes things much easier when you speak the language.

We traveled 8 hours on in the ferry from San Jose to Caluya Island where we visited a friend of us. I love to travel with the locals together, they are so friendly and helpful. But traveling 8 hours in a ferry crowded with people it is not everybody's made for. Special not for spoiled European tourists. So it is not wondering that not all of our friends were happy to be there.

But I love it, no pain no gain. And I knew where we were going.

Finally we arrived in Caluya Island where our friend was waiting for us.

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