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Our Paradise Caluya Island (day 6-11, Part 2)

Finally we arrived our dream Island. An Island in the middle of nowhere far away from tourist and luxury. An Island which is perfect for people which don't like crowed tourists spots, discos and crazy parties. A virgin Island which is waiting for you to get discovered.

But be aware, there are nothing to do after it is getting dark, no SM stores (shopping malls), no restaurants only one backpacker hotel. The Hotel is nice, clean and the food is traditional Filipino style. But you travel not to Caluya Island for luxury, or for the beautiful beaches you go there because you love mother nature and you would like to enjoy life like 50 years ago.

But for those which don't like 3 times a day fish and rice, I can only say there are very nice tourist spots like Boracay, Siargao or El Nido and many more.

We decided to stay only 4 days there and than we have to catch the ferry this time only 6 hours to Culasi Antique. There is not much to say this same ferry but only 6 hour.

It is time to say goodbye Paradise and time to say goodbye to my friend Chalchi. On one hand it is beautiful and I'm a little bit jealous not to live there but on the other hand is a complete different life. The local people still dreaming from tourism but the island will be a virgin Island, a Paradise for people who looking for nature, for ever.

And this is what I love .....

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