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The Cashew Grove Beach Resort in Busuanga-Coron ...the fourth stage

For our last stage we decided to go to Coron-Busanga we heard many good things about the diving spots and the possibility to see the famous Dugong. The Dugong or also called Seacow is a rare species of animal which you will find only on certain places around the world. The total number of Animals are only 80'000 but the are a endangered animal species.

But before we tell further we start from the beginning.

Once we left Boracay we planned originally to take the direct flight from Caticlan to Coron with Air Juan. But the Philippines are always good for a surprise and so we just received a SMS 12 hour before our flight the the flight was canceled. However the offered three possibility: rebooking, getting a voucher or refunding of the payed amount. For us it was the only possibility to ask for refunding.

We filled in the requested form and send it immediately to Air Juan. And we still waiting for the money .... guess we will never see the money again.

After a couple of stressful hours we managed to book a flight via Manila. Stupid to flight back to Manila and nearly the same way to arrive Coron Airport. But it was the only chance we had.

So we took the flight with Cebu Pacific and this time everything went well.

After we arrived at Coron Airport our driver were already waiting for us and we took a ride to our Hotel.

On the way to the Cashew Grove Beach Resort

45 Minutes later we arrived in our Hotel, the Cashew Grove Beach Resort. We took with our friends and family thee native Bungalows on the Beach. The Bungalows contains one room and a private toilet with shower. The whole resort has been built in 2011 and 6 month ago bought by a Chinese.

However it seems that the new owner takes not so care about the management from the Hotel. What reflects the lack of professionalism from the local staff. As usual some staff members are working very hard and try to do the best but some waitress are just lazy. Especial a waitress which we observed as soon as a Chinese couple were in there Restaurant you had hardly a chance to order anything, she was always running behind those couple. Maybe she thought all Chinese know the boss who is Chinese. Strange but it seems the only logical explanation. The need to hire a foreign manager which can manage this Hotel soon otherwise it will be soon empty.

However overall (except this two women) all the staff are very friendly an gave there best. So we enjoyed very much to be there. One thing is good to know. On high tide early in the morning you are able to swim to the reef. But on low tide you have no possibility to go out to swim even not with the Kayaks which were available for free.

The staff should inform the tourists once they arrived, that after 4PM by low tide you can hardly come back from the reef. Often you could see from the veranda that people were paddling out in the afternoon and a hour later when the low tide are coming they couldn't manage to come back. They stuck on the reef top and must walk ca 100m between sea urchin and corals back. Some are bare foot, the rest you can imagine.

Amazing sunset at the beach

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