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The first stage the White Castle Resort & Hotel (day 1-6)

On the flight from Zurich to Manila have we been upgraded to Business Class. It was so cool and relaxed just great. Special thanks to Oman Air line. However after our arrival we stayed 2 days in the Airport Hotel before we took a driver to Balibago. With all the traffic we managed to be there in less than 6 hours. We were looking for a nice cosy hotel which is affordable. We already booked online a couple of weeks before the trip to Manila the White Castle Resort & Hotel. Our friends which arrived already a few days before were waiting there of us.

We have heard so many nice things from Batangas that our expectation were quite high.

White Castle Resort & Hotel in Balibago

Already on the way to the hotel we getting more and more skeptical if we have taken the right decision. When we were crossing the little river which is only a few hundred meters before the Hotel we so a lot of empty plastic bottles and other trash swimming towards the sea.

As we were at the Hotel our nightmares came true. The Hotel have had their best years long time before our arrival. Even so the beach

Luckily we just were there a couple of day to meet our friends. Together we went back to Manila where we took the flight to San Jose in Mindoro our next target.

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