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Hotel Ambassador Paradise in Boracay ...the third stage

Updated: Jun 16, 2019

Back from the province we went to Boracay. We already have been there before the shut down a couple of month ago. It took us wonder if there are some major changes happen.

Before we could entering the ferry terminal to take the taxi boat to Boracay they check if we have a confirmed booking. Indeed they control the number of people who entering Boracay, so they want to avoid that it is too crowded. This extra control lead to some waiting time in the rush hour.

On the way to our Hotel, we already could see the impact on the shut down. They building new streets, renew the sewage systems, installing new pipes and building a new sewage station. Some of the Tricycle has been replaced with electro cars. I have to say well done guys it is going into the right direction. But it is not finish yet the rebuilding are still ongoing.

Finally we arrived our Hotel Ambassador Paradise Boracay. We have booked this hotel already in advanced. This time the Hotel exceed our expectations. The check-in at the arrival, the room everything was perfect. Due to the construction of the rooms each room has pool and sea view.

Once more we were deeply impressed from the white sandy beach, the deep blue water and the whole beach area.

The white beach in Boracay

The view from the Hotel beach

I guess Boracay has still one of the most beautiful beaches within the Philippines.

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