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Wadi Shab tour

At 7 o‘clock in the morning we have been picked up by our tour guide with a four wheel drive car at our hotel Jebel Sifawy. We have been told to wear shoes which are made for walking on rocks and in a river. In addition we need swim wear. Nothing else so we didn’t know much about what will happend

In this 9 Min Video we show you the highlights from this trip.

Wadi is in certain Arabic-speaking countries a valley, ravine, or channel that is dry except in the rainy season. We expected therefore a partially dried river or something similar.

We were driving nearly 2 hours on a highway and across the desert.

Mountain/ desert tracks some typical road in Oman

After a breathtaking scenery view across the mountainous landscape we arrived at Wadi Shab where our trip started.

Parking place at Wadi Shab

We took the boat and crossed the river from where we started our tour. We where so excited although the first view with the ugly high way bridge in front were a little distracting for us.

Our adventure team with Arno our Toutguide from Extra Divers

After a short walk trough the at the beginning wide watercourse the valley getting smaller and smaller. The landscape that awaited us getting more and more mysterious und breathtaking than before. Like on the way to Alibabas cave from the fairy tales thousand and one night.

We have had to cross the river several times until the valley were to small and we have to walk in the water.

Finally the water getting deeper and deeper until we have had to swim

Than we reached a place where we could on the first view not go any further. The water seems to coming out from a narrow hole within a big rock. Is this the end and we do not where able to go any further?

Entrance to the secret place

But Arno our tourguide knows the secret. Unfortunately „open sesame“ didn’t worked. He explained us that when the water reached a certain level like today, we have to dive three meters until we will reach a kind of pool where a waterfall is which we have to see.

First we hesitated and where getering all our courage together. Took a deep breath and dived into the black hole.

The hidden passage through the trouble water.

We didn’t found Alibabas treasure but instead a small pool which a waterfull sourrounded with big rocks. Just amazing and dangerous together, the wild water and the quite strong current, which demanded everything from our swimming skills.

Pool inside the hidden entrance

View to the exit of the hidden pool

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