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Diving in Coron-Busuanga with the Dugong

The Cashew Grove Beach Resort has since couple of month also a new Diving center it owned by a Chinese and called Scuba Mew Dive center. The just open it. However it is far away from a professional diving center and we already want to change the dive center and go to the former one which has closed there office in the Cashew grove beach resort (Dugong Dive Center).

But luckily there was one young local Filipino Dive guide which were incredible, despite his young age he have had so many dives at know each diving spots very well.

So we decided to stay there just because of him.

To be honest, there are five others two managers and some instructor, but they where always in the office and tried to manage themselves instead of take care of the customers.

However the diving spots are amazing.

So we went with their boat to the Dugong diving spot and it was amazing.

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