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Liveaboard on ScubaSpa Yang

Our last travel lead us to explore the best of Maldives under water. We therefore decided to make a 7 day diving trip on one of the most beautiful Diving boat in the Maldive. The beautiful and amazing Diving boat ScubaSpa Yang.

ScubaSpa Yang

At our arrival we just were picked up in front of Male Airport. We were so exited the weather was beautiful the sea despite the many taxi boats quite calm. It seems to be the perfect condition for diving. Our expectation were very high. Would we be disappointed or what will happen ...

First of all we boarde to the diving dony.

A few minutes later we arrived a the ScubaSpa Yang. Actually one of the biggest boat in the Maldive around 50m in lengths.

After a very warm welcome and a cool welcome drink we entered our suit. With one word amazing so big with a porthole at about 3m.

Everything so beautiful with a lot of nice details .......

The boat had everything which you could imaging a wellness part, a Jacuzzi plenty of sun beds on the mid and upper deck. On the rear side a open air bar and last but not least a amazing stuff.

The Diving

But whats about the diving? Despite the boat was beautiful primary we were there for diving.

After a extensive briefing about do and don'ts which we really highly appreciated the clearly said that if a diver not follow the rules it will have some serious consequences and lead that this diver have to stay the rest of the time in the boat. It sound hard but we have seen so many times tourists walking around on the top of the coral reef breaking up some corals. Carrying around a turtle and many things worse.

The was a black board showing for the next day the program and a list who will participate next day or not.

Next morning at 6:30, right after the morning coffee the briefing for the first diving spot starts.

Afterwards we get ready for the first dive ...

Have look at the video we captured the most excited moments for us:

The diving fulfilled all of our expectation. The excellent diving guides, the professional service and of course the high safety standards. A special thanks therefore for my wife's personal diving guide "Buddy", he was so patient and cool

The Food

But what else need to be on board of a five star luxury boat? Of course a good food with a professional cook. On this week we were spoiled from the Michelin Star cook Stefan Neugebauer. Next to the luxury boat, the amazing crew, the excellent diving guides another highlight Stefan Neugebauer.

But not only Stefan did incredibly things also the other kitchen which were responsible for breakfast and Lunch cooked excellent.

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