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One day is not enough....or shopping in Muscat

Muscat has many big shopping malls, which we decided to check out. First of all we made a list with the most important names. Muscat Grand Mall, City Center Muscat and Oman Avenues Mall. If we still have enough time we would decide spontaneous which other shopping mall we would like to visit in addition. at least that were our plan.

In this 3 minutes Video you will see our shopping adventure.

Rental Car

Muscat have great highways and every Sign is written in Arabic and English, so it makes driving very easy at least on the main roads. If you decide to go off-road make sure you have a good car and a Navigationsystems. However in case you get lost don‘t worry, the Omanis are very friendly and helpful. In fact you can hardly find friendlier People than Omanis.

On the way to Muscat

Passing by beautiful landscapes .....

Even Muscat have Up to 6 lines for driving they have during rush hours also traffic jam. Welcome to the club. However after a 1 1/2 hour ride from Jebel Sifah we arrived our first shopping destination.

Our first shopping destination: Muscat Grand Mall

Muscat Grand Mall has more than 150 retail store, on one end of the mall you will find modern department stores and on the other end more traditional Arabic stores. The 30 family friendly food courts offering electronic games, rides and 3 cinemas.

Main hall

The Mall is extremely clean and very modern furnished. Today the have many brands which are hardly known within Europe. So it is not wondering that they do not have the latest fashions. Even the shops are very big and nice, we missed the classic brands Like Prada, Louis Vuitton, Versace, Hugo Boss to just mention a few of them.

However a few brands like Adidas, Zara etc. we could find.

Beach wear store

We spend there hours and haven‘t seen everything. They are really big. After a good pizza we went back to the car and drove straight to the next mall.

Our second shopping destination: City Centre Muscat

City Centre Muscat is the first and largest lifestyle shopping destination in Oman. It offers 60500sqm of retail space, City Centre Muscat is home to more than 160 international lifestyle brands, through which many have made their debut into the Sultanate. Major stores include Carrefour hypermarket, Home Centre, Marks & Spencer, Zara and Sun & Sand Sports. The mall’s integrated leisure and entertainment offer includes 10-screen VOX Cinemas, the largest in Oman; a newly modernised Magic Planet; and 24 international dining outlets.

The shopping malls are really big and at the end we realized the we have to give up. Our feets and legs hurts from all the shopping and in addition it was already late. So we decided to skip the Avenues Mall of Muscat another big shopping center. Our fazit was „one day is not enough“ to check out all those shopping Mall.

Muscat is developing very fast and in 2020 the biggest shopping Male will be opened. Mall of Oman.

The mall will feature 350 outlets in a 137000 square meters retail space, as well as an 8000 square meters, play area making it Oman’s flagship destination for retail, leisure, and entertainment. The Mall of Oman will include the sultanate’s first Abercrombie & Fitch and largest VOX Cinemas, family entertainment centre Magic Planet and restaurants in addition to several other brands. A snow park and carrefour outlet are also included in the development. The total built up area of the car park is 161313 square meters with a capacity of 5200 cars. The project will also include a hotel offering 292 rooms.

Muscat we will in 2020 again and checking out all the other big Shopping Mall. But for today we have had enough and drove back to Jebel Sifah and enjoyed the beautiful sun set.

Way back to Jebel Sifah

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